ALUCOBOND® PLUS Specification

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ALUCOBOND® PLUS Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) shall be 3mm/4mm/6mm thick and consist of 2 layers of 0.5mm thick aluminium sandwiching a mineral filled fire resistant core containing 70% non combustible mineral filling. The aluminium skins shall be of alloy AlMg 1- NS41 (EN AW 5005A nearest equivalent) having an ultimate strength of 130 MPa and 0.2% proof stress of 90 MPa.

With its 5005 marine grade alloy, ALUCOBOND® PLUS is ideal for projects that are within close proximity to water.

Core materials containing re used core material, which could contain other impurities proven to be detrimental to the integrity and long term performance of laminated materials shall not be used.

Fixed-Cassette-System Alucofix-Specification  Short-Specification

The face sheet of aluminium shall be finished in a factory applied fluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE) high performance coil coating in accordance with EN13523, ECCA Quality Label and Voluntary Specification AAMA 2605-11. Note: Spray applied coatings are not acceptable. Rear face aluminium sheet to be left in chemically cleaned mill finish condition unless noted otherwise.

Front face sheet, shall be factory pre finished in colour or finish selected from the manufacturers:
• Standard Colour Range
• Spectra Colour Range
• NaturAL Range
• Anodized Look Colour Range
• Design Unlimited Range
• Urban Design Range

Non standard colours or finishes to customers selection will be subject to minimum order quantities. Applied coatings shall be protected by UV stabilized strippable foil, and should be removed within 3 months of installation on external façade. ALUCOBOND® PLUS shall be CodeMark Certified for use as external cladding on buildings of type A, B and C construction and  shall have been tested to the following Australian & International Fire Standards.

Test Description Result
AS 1530.3 Simultaneous determination of Ignitibility, Flame Propagation, Heat Release and Smoke Release” Ignitability Index   0 Flame Propagation 0 Heat Release         0 Smoke Release   0-1
ISO 9705 Full scale Room Test For Surface Products Group 1 Material according to BCA Specification C1.10.4 (b) (i)SMOGRA  1.385 m2/s2
EN13501.1 Classification Of Reaction To Fire Performance B – s1,d0
DIN 4102.1 Fire Behaviour Of Building Materials & Elements B1
UBC 26-9 NFPA 285 Intermediate Scale Multi Storey Flammability Test Passed

ALUCOBOND® PLUS panels, prior to fabrication shall be stored horizontally on a dry, flat, level surface and protected from damage. Fabrication techniques as recommended by 3A Composites and Alucobond Architectural shall be strictly adhered to. These include cutting, grooving, folding, bending, rolling and edge treatment. Information relating to these processes and other requirements can be obtained from Alucobond Architectural.

 Technical Fixing Details

Fixed-Cassette-SystemAlucofix-System      Specify-Now-product-pages

To view technical fixing information please click on  thumbnails.
Note: The minimum standard fixing system is the ALUCOBOND® Flat Stick Method

Wind Load and Permissible Panel Sizes

The graphs for 3 and 4 mm thick ALUCOBOND® PLUS indicate the maximum permissible panel length without having to add a stiffener based on applicable design wind load and panel width.

  • Permissible design stress (σ = 51 N/mm²) safety factor 1.75 is taken into account
  • Values apply to 4-side supported panels
  • Values for other systems on requestContact our technical department for more information.

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*ALUCOBOND® is 5005 Marine Grade Alloy approved.

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